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Cultural Spending: Finance Etiquette Around the World

Although money appears to be a language spoken fluently by people from all over the world, the fact is that countries have a variety of customs, feelings and habits about finances. Being sensitive to finance etiquette can help you to interact graciously in your business and social relationships no matter where you go. Continue Reading

Etiquette and Money: Tipping Right

Many people often wonder how much is the appropriate amount for a tip. This is not as simple as it seems. There are many situations where a tip is proper but the amount of the tip varies in these different situations. Here are a few simple things that will help guide you when you are tipping for a service.Continue Reading

Commuter Cons: Reducing Pesky Commute Costs

Reducing commute costs is one of the major ways that many people can save money. With gas prices continuing to rise it can be very difficult for those with a long commute to manage their budget and some areas simply do not have reliable public transportation. There are still some inventive ways that those with a long commute can use for reducing pesky commute costs.Continue Reading