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Buyer Beware: Avoiding Shopping Scams

It has been described as an opportunity to obtain funds or other forms of services through fraudulent means, and it is rampant across our society. Otherwise known as a swindle, until the birth and popularity of the information superhighway, the swindle artist was somewhat restricted to confined areas. Thanks to the Internet and its popularity, especially in the area of shopping, anyone can fall victim to a fraud. Knowing what to look for in a possible swindle will be the first step to protecting yourself from becoming a victim. Continue Reading

Shopping? Why You Should Consider Consignment/Secondary Stores

There is a growing trend that has taken off with women since the height of the country’s recession; consignment store shopping. It’s a trend that seems to keep expanding in the shopping world; the buying of goods at consignment and secondary stores. These stores are often referred to by any number of different names; the thrift store, consignment shop, resale store, secondary store and outlet shop. Regardless of which name they choose, the appeal is that they are buying pre-used, or pre-loved goods at a price substantially lower than new goods at retail or department stores. Continue Reading

Elder Advice: 5 Finance Lessons from Grandpa that Still Make Sense

Society’s relationship with money has evolved over the decades and resulted in trillions of dollars of debt globally. Although the national debt continues to grow, more people are learning to gain a new perspective on their money and acquire old fashioned habits that were practiced by their elders.Continue Reading

Battle of the Brands: Name Brands VS Generic Brands

Every single day all over the world, people are purchasing and using a broad spectrum of products. Continue Reading

Common Personal Finance Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Recently, the United States has seen a sharp rise in consumer spending, housing prices, and household debt, only to see it all collapse in 2008 with the Great Recession. In the wake of the financial and housing melt down many Americans are living in houses that are underwater with mounds of credits card debt. While few Americans were able to foresee the damage that was going to ensue from the financial collapse, there were widespread personal finance mistakes made by many Americans that could have been avoided.Continue Reading

All About eBay: Tips for Buyers and Sellers

eBay is the world’s largest online auction. This online auction allows the buying and selling of thousands of different items. While eBay is created to be a simple way of buying and selling, there are a few tips that you should keep in mind to successfully buy and sell items.Continue Reading

Consumer Tips: How to Score Deals While Shopping

If you shop right you should be able to score deals while shopping. Whether its from coupon savings or from catching the great deals from sales. If you watch the ads on television or catch them on the internet you can find some really great deals just from paying attention. Continue Reading

Google It Before Getting It: The Perks of Online Shopping

Google, one of the internet’s most advanced search engines, can come in handy for online customers who are contemplating whether or not to purchase a product over the internet. Making the decision to Google it before getting it provides shoppers with a vast collection of product ratings, customer reviews, and product information, allowing the shopper to compare merchandises and save money. The sophisticated search engine is just one of the many perks of online shopping, which allows customers to browse goods in the comfort of their own home and have products delivered straight to their door.Continue Reading

Fashion Finance: Looking Great Without Going Broke

These days the economy has put a dent in many peoples’ purse strings. It is hard to spend money on fashion when so many nowadays are pinching pennies left and right. There are several solutions to the fashion finance issue. Looking great does not have to cost an arm and a leg, nor does anyone have to dress like a frump because funds are limited. Some options for dressing great without breaking the bank are shopping at high end thrift shops, shopping discount sales with coupons, and shopping ahead of season. These are just a few options that keep looking great a reasonable financial investment. Continue Reading