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Buyer Beware: Avoiding Shopping Scams

It has been described as an opportunity to obtain funds or other forms of services through fraudulent means, and it is rampant across our society. Otherwise known as a swindle, until the birth and popularity of the information superhighway, the swindle artist was somewhat restricted to confined areas. Thanks to the Internet and its popularity, especially in the area of shopping, anyone can fall victim to a fraud. Knowing what to look for in a possible swindle will be the first step to protecting yourself from becoming a victim. Continue Reading

Consumer Tips: How to Score Deals While Shopping

If you shop right you should be able to score deals while shopping. Whether its from coupon savings or from catching the great deals from sales. If you watch the ads on television or catch them on the internet you can find some really great deals just from paying attention. Continue Reading

Fashion Finance: Looking Great Without Going Broke

These days the economy has put a dent in many peoples’ purse strings. It is hard to spend money on fashion when so many nowadays are pinching pennies left and right. There are several solutions to the fashion finance issue. Looking great does not have to cost an arm and a leg, nor does anyone have to dress like a frump because funds are limited. Some options for dressing great without breaking the bank are shopping at high end thrift shops, shopping discount sales with coupons, and shopping ahead of season. These are just a few options that keep looking great a reasonable financial investment. Continue Reading