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Movie Night: Watching Movies Without Heavy Spending

Going to the movies is a fun way to spend some leisure time. It’s also expensive. Ticket prices are getting higher and the cost of movie theater snacks is outrageous. Luckily there are ways to go to the movies without heavy spending.Continue Reading

Happy Anniversary! How To Celebrate Without Breaking The Bank

When a person gets married it is honestly one of the most important days of their life. It is the day that they have decided to commit themselves to the person that they love most in the world. When a couple is first married things may seem wonderful, but as the years go by many people find that things are not as easy. There is a large percentage of people all around the world that do not stay faithful to their marriage commitment and they end up getting divorced without good reason. On the other hand there are a large amount of people who take their marriage very seriously and in spite of differences they stay with their committed partner for their entire lives, celebrating not just one anniversary but many. When a person is committed to their partner they will be with them forever and that means that they will have many happy years together.Continue Reading

Five Essential Skills for Living Cheaply On Your Own (And Then Some)

Living alone for the first time? Great! It can be challenging, however, especially with finances. Here are five essential skills for living cheaply on your own:Continue Reading

Buyer Beware: Avoiding Shopping Scams

It has been described as an opportunity to obtain funds or other forms of services through fraudulent means, and it is rampant across our society. Otherwise known as a swindle, until the birth and popularity of the information superhighway, the swindle artist was somewhat restricted to confined areas. Thanks to the Internet and its popularity, especially in the area of shopping, anyone can fall victim to a fraud. Knowing what to look for in a possible swindle will be the first step to protecting yourself from becoming a victim. Continue Reading

The Art Of Giving: 10 Homemade Gifts That Impress

For many people, buying a gift for someone seems very impersonal. They like to make something for the person that they care about. It can make all the difference in the world when someone else knows how much that a person cares. In addition, homemade gifts can be way, way cheaper than purchasing gifts for people, and often mean a little more. Here are some ideas for making gifts for those people that mean the most. Continue Reading

Elder Advice: 5 Finance Lessons from Grandpa that Still Make Sense

Society’s relationship with money has evolved over the decades and resulted in trillions of dollars of debt globally. Although the national debt continues to grow, more people are learning to gain a new perspective on their money and acquire old fashioned habits that were practiced by their elders.Continue Reading

Couponing and Grouponing: All About Groupon

When it comes to saving money, it’s hard to beat the discounts you receive with coupons. Things have changed a lot since the days of watching your mom clip a few coupons for cereal. Of course, the coupons in the Sunday paper were all for the cereal you didn’t like. Coupon shoppers today are serious about saving money. And in the world of coupons, no company stands out like Groupon does.Continue Reading

How to Take Advantage of What Your Community Has to Offer

Living in a great community is a wonderful experience. Great community living offers people more than just a nice place to live, but also offer residents great opportunities to enjoy special events, special places and special programs within a community. To live to the fullest it is important to learn how to take advantage of what your community has to offer.Continue Reading

Legal Listening: Music for Free

When people think of listening to music online, they think of listening illegally. The truth is, however, that you can listen online for free and do it legally. Today we are going to not only talk about the ways that you can legally listen to music online, but also talk about why it is legal to listen this way.Continue Reading

Freebies: 10 Ways to Get Free Stuff Online

There are many ways to get free stuff and some of those ways are online.
Continue Reading