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The Bookwormhole: EReaders VS Print And Your Finances

The world of the computer has it made it very more convenient for many people to try and get the information that they need at lower prices. Since the advent of eReaders, many people have had the chance to get the books that they need when they want them. They are also quicker to download than to have sent through the mail to their home. Ereaders receive the informational material right away so that a person can begin using it the day they get it. Continue Reading

For Your Bookshelf: 5 Financial Reads that Could Help You

When an individual is on his or her own they could possibly go through financial struggles. Financial struggles are the most common issues that individuals have in the world today. There are individuals who do not know how to budget their money or are unable to pay their bills on time. Money is what makes the world go around, without money individuals are incapable of living. If an individual wants to improve their finances, then first they need to educate their self about all different types of finances, such as; business, economics, entrepreneurship, and personal finances. An individual is able to educate their self through books, for your bookshelf: there are 5 financial read that could help you. Continue Reading

Literary Lessons: 5 Finance Lessons In Literature

Literature has a lot to say about personal finance and financial peace. Not only can picking up a book from time to time be beneficial as an entertainment resource, but it can also be a great help when it comes to paying the bills, learning entrepreneurial skills, and balancing the checkbook. Below are five different pieces of literature that teach five distinctly different lessons.Continue Reading