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The Bookwormhole: EReaders VS Print And Your Finances

The world of the computer has it made it very more convenient for many people to try and get the information that they need at lower prices. Since the advent of eReaders, many people have had the chance to get the books that they need when they want them. They are also quicker to download than to have sent through the mail to their home. Ereaders receive the informational material right away so that a person can begin using it the day they get it. Continue Reading

Buyer Beware: Avoiding Shopping Scams

It has been described as an opportunity to obtain funds or other forms of services through fraudulent means, and it is rampant across our society. Otherwise known as a swindle, until the birth and popularity of the information superhighway, the swindle artist was somewhat restricted to confined areas. Thanks to the Internet and its popularity, especially in the area of shopping, anyone can fall victim to a fraud. Knowing what to look for in a possible swindle will be the first step to protecting yourself from becoming a victim. Continue Reading

Freebies: 10 Ways to Get Free Stuff Online

There are many ways to get free stuff and some of those ways are online.
Continue Reading

LinkedIn: How and Why You Should Use It

LinkedIn is a very popular social networking site that focuses on business connections. Started in 2003, today more than 225 million members use the service to connect with existing business associates, colleagues, and clients, making them a part of an immediate network. People who are thus connected have access to each other’s connections, allowing one to create an extended network of potential business contacts. LinkedIn is a way for people to showcase their experience and skills and to be available for new opportunities.Continue Reading

All About eBay: Tips for Buyers and Sellers

eBay is the world’s largest online auction. This online auction allows the buying and selling of thousands of different items. While eBay is created to be a simple way of buying and selling, there are a few tips that you should keep in mind to successfully buy and sell items.Continue Reading