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Happy Anniversary! How To Celebrate Without Breaking The Bank

When a person gets married it is honestly one of the most important days of their life. It is the day that they have decided to commit themselves to the person that they love most in the world. When a couple is first married things may seem wonderful, but as the years go by many people find that things are not as easy. There is a large percentage of people all around the world that do not stay faithful to their marriage commitment and they end up getting divorced without good reason. On the other hand there are a large amount of people who take their marriage very seriously and in spite of differences they stay with their committed partner for their entire lives, celebrating not just one anniversary but many. When a person is committed to their partner they will be with them forever and that means that they will have many happy years together.Continue Reading

Marriage for Cheap: The Frugal Wedding

Getting married today is an expensive occasion for most people. Some estimates are now as high as $30,000 for a formal wedding. But with a little research and planning a smart couple can have a very nice wedding for considerably less. The following provides some great suggestions for putting together a beautiful wedding at a fraction of the normal cost.Continue Reading

Love and Money: Managing Your Shared Finances

When couples get married they have to decide on how they will divide their financial responsibilities. Joint finances can become difficult especially if one spouse makes a significantly higher income than the other. Here are some tips on managing shared finances.Continue Reading