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Getting the Message: How And Why You Should Improve Communication Skills

Communication is very important in every phase of life. People that have communication skills will excel in a lot of things that they do. Others that struggle with communicating with see problems in their careers, relationships and finances. That is why it is important to get engaged in the improvement of communication. Continue Reading

LinkedIn: How and Why You Should Use It

LinkedIn is a very popular social networking site that focuses on business connections. Started in 2003, today more than 225 million members use the service to connect with existing business associates, colleagues, and clients, making them a part of an immediate network. People who are thus connected have access to each other’s connections, allowing one to create an extended network of potential business contacts. LinkedIn is a way for people to showcase their experience and skills and to be available for new opportunities.Continue Reading

The Part-Time Pros: 10 Part-Time Jobs Worth Your Time

Many people strive to find quality part time jobs, to augment their income. If someone is interested in making a few extra dollars, then here are ten part-time jobs worth investigating.Continue Reading