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Finance Fast: Having a Successful Yard Sale

Are you in need of some quick cash? What if I told you that you could clean out that mess in the attic and get paid for it? That’s right, yard sales. One of the best ways to earn some extra finances is to have a yard sale. However, too many people have wasted full days with only meager earnings. You may be wondering if there’s some sort of trick to this whole yard sale thing. If so, you’re completely right. There are several little tricks to make sure that you have a successful yard sale.Continue Reading

Moving Out: When You’re Ready to Buy a Home

Moving out of a rental space and into a place of your own is an exciting milestone in attaining the American dream. However, home-ownership can quickly turn into the American nightmare for people who are not prepared. There are several factors to consider when deciding when you’re ready to buy a home. Continue Reading

Go Green to Save Green: Tips for a New Lifestyle

Going green can often bring dollar signs to the average American’s eyes. This means buying organic food, an expensive hybrid car, and top-of-the-line washer and dryers. Going green is not often associated with saving green, but there are numerous ways to save money while saving the Earth. Some obvious choices are things we’ve all heard of like carpooling, unplugging appliances when not in use, and paperless billing. These options are no surprise to even the least educated environmental enthusiast. In addition to these lifestyle changes, some lesser known methods won’t just save pennies and dimes, but serious money each year. Continue Reading

Home Habits: Do’s and Don’ts of Home Maintenance To Save

Most of us try to maintain some sort of a budget, especially when funds are scarce and we have no other choice, but when items in the home need to be attended to, we may find that things are getting out of control. There are quite a few Do’s and Don’ts of Home Maintenance To Save us money, the only question is whether we are willing to follow them to the letter. In an effort to focus on a more improved budget, the following are just a few things to think about.Continue Reading

Stress-Free Selling: 5 Ways To Make Selling Your House a Breeze

In the lives of most people there will be three moments that define their financial livelihood: Getting married, buying a home, and then selling that home down the line. So it is completely understandable that people walk into these situations with heavy feet, an anxious mind, and the desire to do as well tas possible. Buying a home, usually, is easy and simple. The power is the hands of the purchaser and, typically, they have the most leverage in negotiations. Selling a home, however, is much more difficult. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Listed below are 5 ways to make selling your home a breeze.Continue Reading

The Advantages of DIY: Around The Home Projects To Save Money

Many people are intimidated by DIY home projects. They think that they can not be successful at completing a project around the house and many people fear that they will make the problem worse. In fact, DIY projects are very easy and there are resources everywhere that can lead you every step of the way. Everyone should be open to DIY projects because they are huge money savers that can greatly improve anyone’s financial situation. Here are some around the home projects you can do to save money. Continue Reading

Watching Your Waist and Wallet: Eating Healthy For Cheap

Many aspire to eat healthy and keep an eye on everything we put inside our system. Not only will this help you become healthier on the inside, but you’ll also look and feel great on the outside too. Eating healthy is one of the most effective methods to losing weight. However, many people find that eating healthy requires food that can be quite expensive. Luckily, it is possible to eat healthy and have a great diet plan without making a hole in your wallet. Here are some great food items you can incorporate into your meals so eating healthy will be cheap:Continue Reading

Getting Creative: How to Reuse Items to Save Money

When money is tight, creative thinking can really help save money. One great way is by finding new ways to reuse items that would otherwise be thrown away. Here are five different items that can be reused to save money.Continue Reading

Double-Digit Groceries: How to Grocery Shop on a Budget

Food bills are a large part of a family budget. While the cost is unavoidable, a lot of
families can easily cut their grocery expenses. When done properly, a family can
lower their grocery bills significantly, and without much effort. Here are six tips on
how to grocery shop on a budget.Continue Reading