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How to Take Advantage of What Your Community Has to Offer

Living in a great community is a wonderful experience. Great community living offers people more than just a nice place to live, but also offer residents great opportunities to enjoy special events, special places and special programs within a community. To live to the fullest it is important to learn how to take advantage of what your community has to offer.Continue Reading

Commuter Cons: Reducing Pesky Commute Costs

Reducing commute costs is one of the major ways that many people can save money. With gas prices continuing to rise it can be very difficult for those with a long commute to manage their budget and some areas simply do not have reliable public transportation. There are still some inventive ways that those with a long commute can use for reducing pesky commute costs.Continue Reading

City Living: How to Live Cheaply in a Big City

Everywhere you go, you hear the same old advices – clip coupons, buy your flour in bulk, watch out for free meal, and take a brown-bag lunch. Well, it’s time to stop counting pennies and think about the big picture. Living in a city, you have only so many minutes you can devote to worrying about how many cents you saved. And this information is for those who want to spend their precious time focusing on the really big expenses, where a couple of hours spent can save hundreds and thousands of dollars. Continue Reading