Shopping? Why You Should Consider Consignment/Secondary Stores

There is a growing trend that has taken off with women since the height of the country’s recession; consignment store shopping. It’s a trend that seems to keep expanding in the shopping world; the buying of goods at consignment and secondary stores. These stores are often referred to by any number of different names; the thrift store, consignment shop, resale store, secondary store and outlet shop. Regardless of which name they choose, the appeal is that they are buying pre-used, or pre-loved goods at a price substantially lower than new goods at retail or department stores.

For some women this sort of discount shopping offers many benefits that have great appeal. Still others may feel reluctant to forgo the mall and dive into the consignment way of shopping. For those ladies who find themselves interested in this sort of thrifty shopping, but still find themselves hesitant, we offer the following considerations that may help to encourage them to take the consignment shop plunge.
Consignment/Secondary Store Shopping Benefits
1- The selection of goods is immense. For instance, a typical large resale shop will process as many as 8-10,000 pieces of donated clothes every weekday. Of that large number of donated goods, only about half of those items actually make it to the outlet floor for sale. (The other half is generally sold to third world countries in bulk.) This means that the store has already sorted through the items that are too out of style, stained or not retail worthy prior to offering them for sale. With such a high volume of goods, the selection at these centers offer the widest variety.
2-The protection of the planet. Reduce, reuse and recycle is the responsibility of all people, and resale shopping certainly fits the bill in the reduction of multi-millions of pounds of discarded clothes that fill American landfills every year. By buying still worth while clothes that are still fashionable she can aid in reducing her carbon footprint, and will be doing her part to repair the hurts of Mother Earth.
3-The deep discounts on designer goods. Certainly one of the largest draws that women fancy consignment store shopping for is finding high quality used items for as little as 10% of the original retail cost. Different resale shops carry different levels of designer goods, from high ticket names like Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Tory Burch and Michael Kors. However, most all consignment shops offer designer goods from names like Ralph Lauren, INC, Guess and Calvin Klein.
4-The joy of discovery. Like many people say, life is about the journey, not just where one ends up, so it is with consignment/secondary shopping. They won’t know until they venture in and look, so the key is for them to enjoy the search.For those ladies who adore shopping and are right at home with the need to look through more items to find just what appeals to them, secondary store shopping is a perfect match. Those ladies that go for the excitement of the hunt, consignment shops offer them the perfect opportunity to treasure hunt.

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