Recreate Your Living Space

Are you motivated by all the design blogs and home renovation TV shows but are intimidated about simply where to start with your own space? If you break the process down into smaller steps, it can be both fun and easy.  Just remind yourself, you’re selected colors for a wall not a name for a baby. It can easily be changed!  Follow these recommendations from the professionals and you’ll be admiring your new space in no time.

The first step is to define your budget. Are you shooting for new wall color, window treatments and furniture arrangement? Or are you in the market to start from scratch with all new furnishings? Either way, form a budget and commit to sticking to it. The new space will give you much more pleasure in the long run if you don’t bust the bank in the process.

Empty the room of all furniture, art and wall coverings. You should have a blank slate. Select a light paint color for the walls. If this is a main living space, ensure that the color compliments the spaces that are within sight lines of the room. Do the necessary prep work to the walls to ensure a smooth application of the new paint color. Use a Groupon coupon and head to Modcloth to select new window treatments to compliment the new wall color and existing furniture tones.

Before returning the main furniture to the room, identify the focal point of the room. This might be a fireplace or large picture window. If the space does not have any redeeming architectural features, use a larger armoire or sofa to anchor the room.  Either way, the seating furnishings should be arranging around the main focal point of the space.  Avoid the temptation to place sofas directly against a wall. Allow for traffic flow around the seating space.  Small tables and shelves often add a cluttered feel to the space. Consider this an opportunity to donate or repurpose smaller pieces of furniture.Be discriminating when returning accessories to the space. Cluster like items in groups of three. Edit down accessories – less is more. Enjoy your new space!

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