Really, How Much Do Traders Make?

Let me give it to you straight. If you want know the answer to the question, how much do day traders make, you need to adjust your expectations. It is not like a corporate job. There are no large companies with pay scale matrixes and bureaucrats telling everyone how much employees should be paid. It is the free market. There are lots of factors involved and not much standardization.

So, how much do day traders make? Well, I won’t waste your time by telling you how much you might make day trading for a company or a prop firm, because the real profits are in day trading for yourself. The risk is real, but the potential to make money is very real also.

Here is the deal: your earning potential is in direct proportion to your starting capital and your monthly expenses. Your starting capital makes a big difference, because you can only make money on what you risk in the market. If you can risk more in each trade, than the payoff is bigger on the other end. And the monthly expenses come into play because you need to pay for your life, your office, your computer and all the trading tools you need to do your job.

That can cost thousands per month. And the amount of capital that you need to start varies from person to person. So, now you see how hard it is to figure out how much traders make? And this is all before you get to taxes and expenses if you have a family to support.

It all seems like a lot, right? Well, you need to take a page from Warrior Trading. They have a primer on how to make a living day trading. The first piece of advice is this: get very good at managing risk. Warrior Trading has a number of strategies for day trading profitably. They offer online classes that will teach these strategies and let you practice on a trading simulator so you can get good at trading before you start risking real money.

One of the ways to get to these classes is by looking for Warrior Trading on StockTwits. And click on one of the links up above to see how much one of the top Warrior traders made in just a few months. He backs up his claims with PDFs of broker statements too.

Check out Warrior Trading. It might seem like a tall mountain to climb, but those with the dedication, smarts and discipline can make some real money.

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