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Really, How Much Do Traders Make?

Let me give it to you straight. If you want know the answer to the question, how much do day traders make, you need to adjust your expectations. It is not like a corporate job. There are no large companies with pay scale matrixes and bureaucrats telling everyone how much employees should be paid. ItContinue Reading

4 Ways to Secure Your Finances for the Future

Financial security is obviously one of the most important aspects of planning for the future. No one wants to be broke in a year or two from now on. Life can be unpredictable. People get laid off, lose money, have medical emergencies, and the list goes on. If, by any chance, you have to face a situation such as this, you would want your finances to be in the best shape they could be. So, here’s a list of incredible steps you can take to secure your finances in anticipation of unpredictable situations.Continue Reading

Tips for First-Time Gold Investors

For centuries, gold has posed as the ultimate symbol of wealth. Although it’s not typically used as a currency, gold has always worked well as a form of insurance against failing economies, working as a security blanket for financial portfolios. Its liquidity compared to other assets appeals both experienced and rookie investors, but buying and selling gold is not as simple as it may seem. As a gold trader, you must conduct your own research to gain a better understanding of the commodities market. Below are several tips that serve as a guide for all beginner gold investors.Continue Reading

Common Personal Finance Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Recently, the United States has seen a sharp rise in consumer spending, housing prices, and household debt, only to see it all collapse in 2008 with the Great Recession. In the wake of the financial and housing melt down many Americans are living in houses that are underwater with mounds of credits card debt. While few Americans were able to foresee the damage that was going to ensue from the financial collapse, there were widespread personal finance mistakes made by many Americans that could have been avoided.Continue Reading

What High School Never Taught You (And Should Have): What is a Bond?

Many people dreaded high school while others loved it and many still wish they were in attendance. One thing is for certain waking up every day to go to an institution that taught students a variety of subjects for seven hours a day became routine. Remember the times where students would question their teachers on the relevance of the subject and how it applied to real world scenarios. Subjects would range from English literature to algebra. Being taught the importance of world wars may have value but what high school never taught and should have, is what is a bond?Continue Reading

Finding Quality: Products Worth Your Extra Cents

With the advent of high production with low costs, quality is a concept lost on many manufacturers. While consumers have the option of purchasing products at various quality levels, there are some products that are worth the extra cents, just to get the better quality item. Quality may be subjective to some consumers but there are products that make sense to pay a little extra.Continue Reading

10 Ways to Work Toward Financial Independence

Having financial independence relieves stress that people suffer throughout their lives. People with money problems can stress over paying bills, buying groceries, and saving money. When an individual achieves financial independence, these stress cease to exist. One may wonder how they go about finding their own financial independence. Below are 10 ways to a better future.Continue Reading

Frenzied Finances Begins

I am a little obsessive. Over the past few years, I have learned more about personal finances than the average Joe. Many of my friends question my sanity and if I am honest, my wife probably does too. While people may think you are weird, there is nothing wrong with becoming obsessed with your money. In fact, it helps ten-fold. Not only are you that much more informed, but you are able to help others make better decisions.Continue Reading