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The Election, can CFD traders utilise the uncertainty in the market?

The clock is down to two days, and counting, before the U.S. presidential elections finally end. A stop on all the insults and bad-blood between the candidates will mean a lot for investors and traders alike. The current market is fragile. This calls for investors to trade carefully. This market will recover from the tenseContinue Reading

Moving Out: The 10 Best Countries To Live In For Your Finances

Although money can’t buy you happiness, it’s one part of being happy. It’s not so much of being rich, per se, that is part of the formula for happiness, but it is important to at least be comfortable. Other things to consider in regards to happiness include good health, great relationships, safety, etc. And furthermore, it’s important to find the best area to live to be happy. This will also include if you are planning to move into another country. It will be imperative to see which are the best countries to live, especially when it comes to living comfortably with no financial strain or worry. So with that said, the following are the top 10 countries to move to, in regards to living comfortably:Continue Reading

How to Take Advantage of What Your Community Has to Offer

Living in a great community is a wonderful experience. Great community living offers people more than just a nice place to live, but also offer residents great opportunities to enjoy special events, special places and special programs within a community. To live to the fullest it is important to learn how to take advantage of what your community has to offer.Continue Reading

Basics of Filing Your Taxes: The How-To Guide

Filing taxes is an important step throughout the year that truly no one can avoid. For first time workers or those who are unfamiliar with doing it themselves, the process of filing your taxes can seem complicated and long. However, it can really be a painless and easy process if you give yourself time and follow the correct steps. Here are some basics on filing your federal income taxes.Continue Reading

Frenzied Finances Begins

I am a little obsessive. Over the past few years, I have learned more about personal finances than the average Joe. Many of my friends question my sanity and if I am honest, my wife probably does too. While people may think you are weird, there is nothing wrong with becoming obsessed with your money. In fact, it helps ten-fold. Not only are you that much more informed, but you are able to help others make better decisions.Continue Reading